Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Malus Darkblade on feet.

Miniature: Malus Darkblade (foot)
Manufacturer: GW
Painting lvl: Expert
Base lvl: Common
Conversions: none

A lovely miniature (one of my favorites) painted in cold and dark colours. Realy enjoyed that small project.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

First experience with Malifaux.

Miniatures: Hannah, Vanessa, Hired Guns, Hired Swords, Lazarus, Student of Conflict, Steam trunk, Void Wretch.

Manufacturer: Wyrd Games, Malifaux
Painting lvl: Tabletop
Base lvl: Economic

Conversions: The Vanessa's right hand has been made of Green Stuff since the model was incomplete.

These are my first Malifaux commissions. The models were already assembled and some of them were done not properly. However I enjoyed painting them, thanks to the great amount of details they look cool even if painted at simple level.