Friday, 20 September 2013

We be poisonin' ur sewerz...

    Miniature: Lord Skrolk
    Manufacturer: GW
    Painting lvl: Master
    Base lvl: Scenic
    Conversions: none

     Son of mine - father asks
     Will you finally go to work?
     Go down the well and what'll you do?
     Will you rot or will you work?
     - none of these - answers the son
     In bed I wish to stay!, Rats crawl in the well! 
     When they bite, then you die!
     Rats! Rats! Rats!.

Legendary miniature. It took few years to finally paint this miniature. I remember, when I was young I saw Lord Skrolk superbly painted on my friend's wargames shelf. I said to myself that one day I'm gonna have one in my collection.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nurgle Plague Lord

    Miniature: Lord of Nurgle
    Manufacturer: GW
    Painting lvl: Heroic
    Base lvl: Scenic
    Conversions: none

    Some day, you'll be a warrior of epic strength.
    You'll never have to fear anything, it is you
    that shall sink others in terror and pain. 
    You will ask for praise...
    and I shall give it to you...

Awsome miniature I must admit. Numerous modifications are possible although it may not seem so easy. I really enjoyed painting this model, I hope you like it.

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Big Bang...


Hello everyone. The time has come that our Red Keep Project should see the weblight. We hope to make our work easier available not only to our friends and members, but also for all wargaming and miniature painting fans. We plan to grow and develop the project and we hope you will help us.

This website is still under construction and some features may not work properly or may not yet be available. Thank you for your visit and patience.