Friday, 20 September 2013

We be poisonin' ur sewerz...

    Miniature: Lord Skrolk
    Manufacturer: GW
    Painting lvl: Master
    Base lvl: Scenic
    Conversions: none

     Son of mine - father asks
     Will you finally go to work?
     Go down the well and what'll you do?
     Will you rot or will you work?
     - none of these - answers the son
     In bed I wish to stay!, Rats crawl in the well! 
     When they bite, then you die!
     Rats! Rats! Rats!.

Legendary miniature. It took few years to finally paint this miniature. I remember, when I was young I saw Lord Skrolk superbly painted on my friend's wargames shelf. I said to myself that one day I'm gonna have one in my collection.

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