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Who are we?

We are a small group of friends focused on modelling, painting miniatures and wargaming for fun. Our wargaming and model making adventures began in early 90s. when there were  a few professional hobby stores and the miniatures were sold only in very well supplied toy stores. At that time professional hobby and modelling magazines were very hard to get. Most of us began with assembling model planes, vehicles and ships. 

That is why all our modelling and painting skills, techniques and experience have developed during practice, mistakes, experiments and bleeding. Despite the adversities we remember those times with smile and joy, some of us have (and fight with) their Warhammer, Warzone or Chronopia classics until today. 

Since then times and technology have changed. Shops and Hobby Centres arose as well as hundreds websites dedicated to wargaming and model works. And our hobby enriched and developed as well. Thanks to technology and advancement people gathered, consolidated by the same interests. That is how it all began and slowly brought the Red Keep Project to life.

What do we do?

The Red Keep team is primarily engaged in painting miniatures and other models for wargaming and collecting. We developed techniques designed for tabletop battles and for high demanding collectors. We mostly deal with fantasy stuff but also we paint historical miniatures not only with high quality but also with historical accuracy – which is based on professional literature and even museum exhibits, if possible. We paint as good as possible, using professional techniques, paints and tools, keeping the quality and detail at highest level. Most of our works belong to our friends and we want to keep good reputation.

We also bring some of our own (and others’ as well) projects to life. We make many conversions and additions to models. We also make Green Stuff customs – usually for our wargame project. So if you have some ideas and would like to have them come true as a ‘custom’, you can talk to us :)

Terrain making
We are experienced in general terrain making. We have produced some terrain features for wargaming and display. We make backgrounds for models and 3D environments for board games such as ‘Talisman’, ‘Warhammer Quest’, ‘Descent’ or ‘Super Dungeon Explore’. So if You want your favourite board game to look original and awesome we are eager to help you :)  

We also work on our own wargame mechanics based on the Warhammer world. This wargame project is still developing and is used only to our purposes. The game is made for fun and all Red Keep members have their own warband to test it. You can find some miniatures and works connected with this skirmish system on our website. Most of the miniatures used are customs and an interesting conversions worth attention.

The Project and the website are still developing and there is much to be done.

If you have any questions you can contact us through the contact form that can be found on the website.

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