Sunday, 1 December 2013

Skaven Warlocks

Warlock with Jezzail / Handgun
Warlock with Jezzail / Handgun
Warlock with Handgun
Warlock with Handgun

Miniature: Skaven Warlock (Starter set), Skaven Clanrat (Starter set)
Manufacturer: GW
Painting lvl: Heroic
Base lvl: Common
Conversions: Warlock (starter set) has been given a handgun which is modified into complicated skaven device upgraded with Warpstone technology. In addition the barrel extension is added by magnetic connection which gives us the option for Jezzail.
Clanrat has been given some eqippment on its back. A modified handgun was also added. Some additional clothes were made (Green Stuff) so it could look more like a Warlock.

Quite much work. These models are Warlocks designed for my Skaven warband. I really enjoyed that project and I'm happy that it finally came to an end. I am very satisfied with the results, I love clan Skryre and skaven warpstone technology so those rats gave much fun!

Some Night Runners conversions will appear soon!

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