Thursday, 17 April 2014

Warzone Dark Legion - Part 2

Miniatures: Warzone - Dark Legion
- Necromutants
- Praetorian Stalkers
- Necrobeast Riders
Manufacturer: Prodos Games
Painting lvl: Heroic
Base lvl: Scenic
Conversions: some necessary retouch only.
We had a lot to do during the time of absence, but not without a progress! We managed to paint numbers of fantastic models and bring some cool projects to life. Now it is time to make and reveal some pictures, so prepare for a hit of new stuff :)

Today I would like to present another part of Warzone Ressurection - Dark Legion project. Very nice models, however, not easy to paint and a bit problematic when trying to make some special effects. Mostly because of the lines left after the printing proces which personally I find annoying, especially when I tried to put some smooth and clean surfaces. Not much can be done to that, but! I decided to change some ideas and make the lines as much hidden as possible.

Overall I am satisfied with the results and the models look absolutely awsome! :)
There is still much work to be done with the project, so do not go too far! In spite of the amount of time taken for the Warzone Project we managed to make some stuff around our own projects. We have some new extra conversions and paintjobs ready for daylight. We will put some pictures every day!

See you soon!

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  1. Great Paintjobs! Very well done.I especially like Pretorian Stalkers.