Monday, 7 July 2014

More Warzone Miniatures!

Miniatures: Warzone Resurrection
- Mishima Tiger Dragons
- Brotherhood Sacred Warrors
- Bauhaus Etoiles Mortant
- Dark Legion Valpurgius
- Mishima Kunshu Dragon Riders
Manufacturer: PRODOS GAMES
Painting lvl: Heroic (Valpurgius), Expert
Base lvl: Common, Scenic (Valpurgius)
Conversions: none

Some new stuff from our workshop. Hours of painting spent by Hexer and Kestrel.

I must admit, that I painted those minis with great joy, especially Valpurgius. Although personally I do not find this miniature’s design perfect, I enjoyed painting it and I am very satisfied with the results.

I also love the Etoiles Mortant for their swift poses and delicacy.

Surprisingly, I didn’t believe I would achieve acceptable effect on the Kunshu Dragon Riders, but ultimately I really like the effect at the end and once again I proved myself, that it is always good to keep going until the painting is finished. Great miniatures!

 Hope you like them too :)

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