Saturday, 22 August 2015

Unlucky but on the move!

Miniatures: WARZONE: Crucifier, Morten Oakenfist, Grey Ghosts, Necromower, Mourning Wolves, Wolfbanes, Special Forces.

Manufacturer: Prodos Games
Painting lvl: Expert
Base lvl: Common
Conversions: none

Although this year is not very happy with all the bad news in general, and we hardly find time to put pictures online, we do whatever is possible to keep going. I hope there will be no more bad things in the nearest future and that we will be able to paint some more of these excellent miniatures from Prodos.  I really ejoyed painting these, especially Grey Ghosts and Mourning wolves. A man can do a really nice paint job there and the miniatures are perfect enough to make work time very enjoyable.

Thank you for following our blog, and hope you like our work.

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